12 unusual hotels

Are there any boundaries to human imagination?

Of course not! Otherwise hotels that I have provided below, hardly would appear on light.

In most cases, these structures break stereotypes and customary standards in the understanding of many people.

Initially I had a desire to talk about 20 of such hotels.

I decided against it, fearing that the article becomes too weighty.

There are those hotels, which, in my opinion, does not deserve attention.

For example, the prisons of the room from water reinforced concrete pipes, Japanese hotels capsule, end-of-century: vans, buses, trams, river tugs, aircraft, railway cars…

These hotels can be called unusual. But their birth in most cases is dictated by the economy, focusing on the cheapness and simplicity.

There is a noteworthy hotels that are “hovering” like a bird’s nest in the trees.

But they exist in almost every country. In the future they can prepare the whole article.

All hotels that I have described, by its unusual and attractive.

I want you to be acquainted with each and said:

a hotel You would like to visit and why?

The Hotel Kolarbyn

Primitive forest huts located deep in the woods .

To get here you will have plottype forests about two hours by car from the Royal Stockholm in Sweden.

12 huts and pit-houses hidden from view in an idyllic location on the shore of beautiful lake Skärsjön

The hotel runs as in the primitive communal system.

There’s no electricity, and in the evenings only fires candles and traditional oil lamps.

This is the perfect place to seamlessly merge with nature.

During the day you will collect berries, mushrooms, to have firewood, fishing, enjoy the lake view, listen to the birds.

For extra charge you can offer safaris for wolves and much more.

Each tiny house has two hard beds with rugs made of sheep skins and a couple of sleeping bags.

Food delivered regularly, but to cook you over an open fire themselves.

Price: 395 US dollars (USD) for a family of 2 adults and 2 children up to 12 years.

The hotel De Vrouwe van Stavore

This hotel-restaurant is in the heart of the old port town of Stavoren in the Netherlands.

Great place with great views of the port and passing judgment.

The unusual hotel in that the rooms are made from real wine barrels.

Each of the barrels fit in to 14.5 thousand liters of wine.

Inside each drum there are two beds, TV, radio, shower and a small lounge where you can relax over a Cup of coffee or glass of wine.

Visitors to the hotel can hire a bike and enjoy the beautiful views of the province, local forests and beaches.

Price: 126,75 EUR per person per day

Yurt hotel in Andalusia (Yurt Hotel, Andalucia)

Yurt hotel in Andalucia in southern Spain.

Situated on 3 hectares of olive groves and forests of cork oak, it offers visitors picturesque views of Grazalema mountains and combines

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