10 Russian hotels haunted

The steps of invisible feet on the old parquet floor, the rustle of a dress of a bygone era, night Raven cry and open the window from the sudden blow of the wind is no accident, but the antics of the ghosts that live in old buildings and houses, which became hotels, but have not lost their mysterious guests. On the eve of all saints Day, when the evil gets out, book a room in this hotel. If you are not afraid, of course.

The mystery manor near Moscow once belonged to a close associate of Peter I James Bruce, who was considered a magician. Manor Glinki built on the Peninsula between the rivers Vorya and Klyazma, location, long known for its special energy. Here, under the ground there is a chain of mysterious labyrinths, where Bruce spent his magical experiments. Rumor has it that at night the master of “bad manors” flew a fire-breathing dragon. And once, on a hot July day, Bruce turned Park pond into a veritable ice rink. Bruce’s Ghost still roams the mansion, scaring vacationers and guarding their possessions.

2. The Hotel “Lafer”. estate Perciki in the Smolensk region

One of the first owners of this house were representatives of the ancient Scottish family of Leslie, Scotland castles, haunted. Shrouded in myths and legends latinamericano and estate near. Tell that within its walls the treasure, but not only riches was destined to remain forever in Geroiko. Here lives White Lady, the Ghost of a girl who fled with her lover but was caught and as punishment, immured in the mansion. It is believed that meeting her brings good luck, if you only will survive the horror from seeing a Ghost.

Arkhangelsk has changed many owners, among whom was the family, surrounded by bad buzz and is considered a cursed race. According to legend, the princes Yusupov family are descended from the prophet Ali, a nephew of Mohammed, but in Rus adopted Orthodoxy, and as punishment received a terrible curse: all the heirs will not live more than 26 years, except one. Even a vast fortune, and the Yusupovs were one of the richest families in Russia, did not spare the descendants of apostates. Terrible punishment pursues the media of the famous name even after death.

In the cemetery next to the Church of the Archangel Michael still wanders the Ghost of Princess Tatiana Yusupova, who died at the age of 22 or from typhoid, or tuberculosis. Inconsolable father buried daughter with great honor and installed on the grave stone angel, and after his death, a statue, a refuge from the cold, moved into the room. Not like it’s Tatiana, and today a Ghost in the form of an angel sometimes appears in its rightful place.

The Stroganovs and the Golitsyns, the cream of the crop, owned this farm, but today has completely different owners. Strolling through the Park, you can feel the biting cold, anxious, and even terrified to see the Ghost – white cloud or a transparent sphere that appear as if from beneath the earth. A mystical place here. bad: old cemetery, formerly the burial grounds where they buried infected animals, and the temple of the black God, ancient Slavic counterpart of the devil.

They say that in Kuzminki is a vortex, radiating dark energy, and yet there on the Bank of the pond grows old elm. Call it “wood of suicides”, and not without reason: often found in it were hanged. They say that there lived a witch who loved a guy but could not get reciprocity from him – his heart was given to another girl. Lovers met under the elm, and then a witch, burnt with jealousy, had cursed the tree, and since then it attracts magical power and forces to settle scores with life.

5. Hotel “Green Grove” – the Mikhailovskoye estate (Stalin’s dacha) in Sochi

In the late nineteenth century this piece arboretum Caucasian national reserve belonged to the industrialist and entrepreneur Mikhail Zenzinov, and from the 1920s became Stalin’s dacha. From the Stalinist era the interior is preserved and personal belongings of the Generalissimo, including favorite sofa and silver Desk set, presented to Mao Zedong. The Museum part for the satisfactions of the tourists set a wax figure of “father of Nations”, but it flowers. At night of his old cottage there is a Ghost of the famous Stalin in a white tunic, and a moonlit night you can see the pond in the courtyard. If during the life of Stalin was a terror, an encounter with his Ghost could have very unpredictable consequences.

The history of the hotel began in 1946. First, the postwar hospital “”homeland” quickly became an elite resort for the honored Soviet citizens. Loved the rest here, Yuri Gagarin. The world’s first cosmonaut was often seen on the beach or strolling through the Park. Since then almost nothing has changed: the Ghost of Gagarin is still the Sochi enjoys a mild climate: at night, often stands in an unbuttoned white shirt on the terrace and sadly looking at the sky.

7. Mini-hotel “pea, 64” – apartment of Rasputin in St. Petersburg

The house at number 64 on Gorokhovaya street was built in 1902. Does this house did not differ from other apartment buildings of the last century, if not for one significant “but”: here lived Grigory Rasputin, a man whose name is steeped in mysterious legends. Rasputin’s apartment was on the third floor. Some believed that there were mental depravity, and passed the house on Gorokhovaya side, others saw him as almost a Saint and turned his St. Petersburg apartment into a place of pilgrimage. Letters to Rstudio come so far. At night when the whole house is asleep, the Ghost of the “king over king” goes on rooms. Residents claim that Grigory Efimovich often visits them. The spirit of the legendary elder surprisingly kind and caring and often comes to those who are sick or sad – men on the back stroke, and women for different places to touch. He especially likes the Ghost of Rasputin holidays – New year and Christmas. and after the death of earthly joy are not alien to him.

The hotel is known not only chic interiors and big-name guests. Room 107 is still living the Ghost of Lenin: apparently, he liked the 7 days together with Nadezhda Konstantinovna in a Suite in 1917. Often in the corridors of the hotel you can see the profile of Lenin with a characteristic pointed beard and, if you’re lucky, in the mirror you are the low figure balding man in a vest. At night, a Ghost walks from corner to corner and then sits down at the table and the rustling of papers – probably considering the plan of world revolution. Sometimes you can hear the sound of a teaspoon on the walls of a glass Cup, and then spontaneously turning on and off light: with guests the Ghost of Lenin is not considered.

A former apartment house of the early XIX century, converted into a famous hotel, was demolished in 1987 and restored in 1991, but this does not mean that the spooks and ghosts left the remake. The history of “Angleterre” forever marred by the events that occurred here on the night of 27 to 28 December 1925. The next morning in room 5, it was found the body of Sergei Yesenin, which then established a consequence, has committed suicide. Since then, his restless Ghost, forever bound to the place of tragic death, roams the corridors of a five star hotel. Dare to spend the night in the company of ghosts in the form of a pale poet with a noose around his neck?

Once in place the luxury hotel was mediocre and unremarkable Inn cruys. But in 1706, there began to occur terrible things. Guests have heard footsteps in the attic, the creaks and groans of a human. Ceiling beams sagged under the weight of an invisible intruder. Finally one brave soul went up to the attic and saw the Ghost of a recently murdered officer Belyaev-Tolstoy. The owner was so scared he sold the business and returned to Holland. away from St. Petersburg’s evil. The Inn was demolished and in its place was built the hotel, where with pleasure and moved a Ghost. Guests often take the Ghost officer for the porter, and when appreciate the depth and horror of his mistake, losing consciousness.

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